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The Problem and the Solution

Solving SYSTEMIC problems with SYSTEMIC solutions.

Make your school an Ally today.

Our Product

The world's FIRST fully integrated safety and Title IX compliance platform.

Developed over a multi-year collaboration with Title IX coordinators, deans, students, parents, survivors, respondents, and industry experts from across the spectrum, Student Ally's products are designed to put the right tools in the right hands at the right time.

95% of student aren't the the problem, so with the Student Ally App, we make them part of the solution.  A new kind of social network designed for student empowerment, safety, education and engagement, the Student Ally App goes everywhere students go, and with it, the power to prevent sexual assaults.

Title IX offices do it all, so we built a system that does it all too.  Comprehensive, fully integrated, and professionally staffed, our Administrative Portal let's your school accomplish twice as much in half the time at a fraction of the cost.  How?  With a single integrated platform that seamlessly manages everything from freshmen orientation to tracking appeals.  With Student Ally, efficiency is built right in, giving you more time to focus on what matters - your students. 

The Student Ally App
Part 1 of our digital infrastructure: the world's first social network specifically designed for student safety and empowerment. Make every student an ally, and give then the tools they need to be the solution.
Administrative Portal
Part 2 of our digital infrastructure: command central for the entire Student Ally platform. With everything's at your fingertips, excellence is easier than ever.
Student Ally Partnership
Every aspect of our platform is back by professional services - attorneys, professional investigators, and technical assistance - there whenever you need them, off your payroll when you don't.
What We Do

The most significant innovation in student safety infrastructure in more than three decades.

  • Prevention

    • ln-app orientation prior to school, auto-onboards the entire student body.
    • Skills-based training reduces mistakes and improves deterrence.
    • Testing and certification on 30+ criteria reduces insurance premiums and liabilities.


  • Active Safety

    • Built-in safety and emergency alert systems keep students safer on AND off campus.
    • Get help faster with instant location sharing to friends, police, and campus security. 


  • Reporting and Investigation

    • Built-in reporting captures more claims, which means solving more of the problem.
    • Evidence preservation and Integrated submission gets the truth out FASTER.
    • Student Ally's professionals avoid bias and hardwired compliance prevents errors.


  • Resolution

    • Integrating reporters, victims, accused students, and witnesses into a single platform empowers FASTER resolutions.
    • Professional and fact-based decisions improve student trust.
    • Improved resolution deters violations.
Our Purpose

The Student Ally Method – A User-Driven Networked Approach

One of our key realizations during the development of the Student Ally System was that an institutional approach to solving cultural problems was destined for failure. It was too remote, too slow to act, too focused on punishing past wrongs rather than preventing future harms. Students are the origin of the sexual assault problem, so too must they be the origin of its solution. Studies prove that the problem is not that most students are bad, but that a minority of bad actors prey on a benevolent majority of students who simply lack the organization and knowledge to address the problem. To solve this, we focused on empowering this benevolent majority with the organizational tools and institutional backing necessary to stand up. We’ve all seen the power of social networks to effect change. Facebook revolutionized the way we communicate. Uber upended the cab industry. Student Ally is the world’s first social network dedicated to ending sexual assault.  In Student Ally, there are no victims, no bystanders, no students or administrators. We are all just Allies in the fight to end sex-based discrimination.

Why Choose Us?
Why Choose Us?

Four Promises at the Core of Who We Are

Student Ally’s integrated safety features are guar-anteed to improve both individual student safety and community safety, on, off, and around campus.

Student Ally’s proprietary four-method reporting system is guaranteed to improve reporting culture, trust, and your ability to respond to threats quickly and effectively.

Student Ally’s proprietary and auto-updating Title IX-related codes and procedural frameworks are hard-wired into the system – assuring you that your institution’s compliance with the current law is guaranteed.  In other words, our in-house counsels constantly monitor the state of Title IX regulations, the Violence Against Women Act, Clery Act, and applicable State and Federal Due Process laws and update our codes and procedures in real-time, so that yours don’t have to.  

Student Ally’s data systems were intentionally engineered to keep each users’ data isolated behind a personal encrypted firewall.  We built it this way so that only the user can release their data.  This not only preserves your students’ constitutional rights, but it also allows them to participate in the System with trust – knowing that it was built so that we could work for them, not so they could work for us.

"These lessons are so practical and concise, I wish I had known all of this sooner."

Bailey Muchin

Graduate Student

“A unique tool with the ability to pull important evidence when investigating would be a valuable resource for school and students.”

Teresa Winters, M.ED

Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator

"Student Ally makes me feel safe. With this, we can save countless lives from experiencing sexual assault."

Destinee Delbonis

Student, Survivor, Activist

"This is a necessity. Whether it's stopping an incident before it happens, or proving the innocence of someone falsely accused, this app saves lives."

Matt Dispirito


"I sincerely believe the Student Ally platform has the capacity to improve the Title IX landscape."

Title IX Coordinator

Our Community

Student Ally is the only company with a full-service, centralized system to help Colleges manage Title IX.

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Archimedes famously said "Give me a LEVER long enough and a FULCRUM on which to place it, and I shall move the world."

Our Student App is the lever - a new era in student empowerment.

Our Administrative Portal is the fulcrum - a force multiplier that allows your staff to accomplish twice as much, in half the time.

With both, we can help you change the world- one school, one student, one prevented assault at a time.